Friday, May 11, 2012

I do not know..

"Why? give me the answer..
I said I do not know. It just happened without my control.
I'm sorry. I hurt you this time but I promise it never happen again"
Manusia takkan lari daripada buat salah dan silap.
Tapi hati masih tak dapat menipu.
I'm still waiting for you but you never give me any chances about it.
That is about time and my future. I know that I did the decision about this.
But please understand my heart for this timing. not only this time but forever.
Please think it again..please..
I do not know. full stop.
No..no.. you still the same person.
I admit I did wrong but
I will be the person that always in your heart.
Please give me the feeling again.
You are such kind women I never had met before.
Never change.

Apa salah aku?
I do not know..the best statement..

I'm so sorry..never think about you..I'm happy when you are happy..
Never change..love..

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